A Must That You Can Trust

When I graduated high school, I received many gifts.  Many of those I loved, many I wanted to return.  Several of those I’m so glad I didn’t.

One woman gave me a Vera Bradley clip board and umbrella.  Um, what? I never thought I would use either of those.  I was wrong, VERY wrong.  Every college co-ed should have both of these things.  An umbrella is an obvious necessity unless you go to school in L.A.

But a clip board? Are you a 1992 P.E. teacher?

However, I love my clip board.  It’s so useful.  As an involved member of my sorority, it’s perfect to use during meetings without absentmindedly scribbling all over my hands.  For something that I thought should never be produced, it can’t leave my hands.  Plus, the sense of authority and power I feel while holding it doesn’t hurt.

Vera Bradley makes cute enough designs that you don’t have to feel bland and outdated.  If you already have a boring clipboard buried underneath your scrunchies and perm solution that’s waiting for a rebirth, check out Vanilla Joy’s Do-It-Yourself clipboard.

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