Monthly Archives: February 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day

Love.  There’s hundreds of movies, songs and books about it.  But there’s more important things than that relationship you are in or the one that just crumbled out from under you.

Today, don’t focus on love between a man and woman.  Society has already spent too much time on that. Focus on love for yourself.  Do something today that makes you happy and makes you feel alive.  Appreciate yourself for your flaws and your insecurities.  Finally accomplish what’s been on your “To Do” list for the past two weeks.  Dance and flail your arms wildly above your head and be happy to be alive and able to spread love.

In closing, listen to the lyrics of these two songs.  I guarantee you’ll come away loving something new: “Born This Way,” by Lady Gaga and “Fly Away,” by JJ Heller.

“Beauty all around me.

Drawing me to the sky

This is life.

I can feel it.

Bid those lonely days goodbye.”

-JJ Heller


Soft as a Baby’s…

There’s a reason why companies make products especially for sweet little babies–they keep those tiny, adorable little humans in perfect condition.  There’s also no reason that you shouldn’t be using these products.

To get softer skin, use baby oil or lotion.  I personally like baby oil because it hydrates my skin and gives it a subtly sexy sheen.  And because one time I used baby lotion and my boyfriend at the time told me I smelled like his little brother.  Not so sexy.  Use it after you get out of the shower, and your skin will radiate throughout the day.

Baby powder is another product that every girl should own.  Not only does it have a clean scent, it cools you down on a sweaty day.  My favorite trick is to sprinkle a bit of baby powder onto your hair to soak up excess oil when you don’t have enough time to wash/condition/blow dry/straighten/curl your hair.