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Steve Jobs


Sh!t my Students Write

It would be tough to be a teacher in this age of misinformation. Thank God this teacher has an outlet and shares it with the world:


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While searching online, I found this great fashion blog: I like that the author uses easy to find pieces that don’t necessarily come with a hug price tag. With looks that can blend from day to night, this is one style blog that will stick around.

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Words to Live By

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Time for an Earful

Well.  I’ve started living life.  Unfortunately, living life meant living up senior year of college.  Which meant no time for blogging because any down time was devoted to frolicking through campus, recovering or watching SVU marathons. Then I graduated college and started living real life.  Which meant no time for blogging because I was working and by the time I came home, the only things I wanted to do were not talk to anyone, think or wear pants. While I accomplished everything I wanted to do (I’ve started wearing pants again), I’ve still felt a need to get back to work.  I enjoy creative projects and sharing what I discover more than should be allowed. Which means watch out world wide web.

Today’s feature:

I put together this earring holder on Sunday to make myself feel better about eating half a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos. My mom got me this frame two years ago when it was originally wood.  My parents spray painted it an avocado green. Due to its unusual size (i.e. round) and my lack of funds during college, I’ve never felt right about what I’ve put inside of it.  It just never fit. So I decided to pull a Tim Gunn and make it work.

Using vintage velvet ribbon from my grandmother, scissors and Krazy Glue paired with my desire to know what earrings were really stuffed into my jewelery box, I made this on a budget of relatively no money. This would be a great makeover for any unique picture frame found at an antique sale or thrift store. My only suggestion is to cut the ribbon at a slant when you are using a circle frame.  The ribbon will line up perfectly along the inset of the frame. Vary the difference in space between ribbon for longer/shorter earrings.

Also, make sure not to get Krazy Glue on your fingers because it’s quite painful to get them unattached.