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How Tuesday: How to Become an Intern

With December graduation at colleges across the country and the impending last semester of college for seniors, more students are asking themselves what they are going to do next. In the working world these days, most likely you’ll be interning.

Let me be honest—I am still an intern eight months after I graduated. But I love my company and enjoy what I do. My connections that I’ve made so far come because I landed my first-choice internship.  I applied at several locations for my top choice company, Fleishman-Hillard. After attending the college career fair and meeting the Fleishman’s intern coordinator, I decided on a whim to apply at the global headquarters in St. Louis.  What’s the worst that could happen? Much to my surprise, I was invited to the internship program. Since May, it’s been the best thing that I could have done for my career.

Several people have reached out to me recently regarding interning. Securing a top internship can be easier than you think if you know what to do. Preparation is key—you can’t just get a great job when you haven’t worked hard in the long haul. However, you can take steps to make yourself stand out from a crowd and be a good candidate.  Here’s what I did to get my dream internship:

1.  Research and reach out.

Know about the company. Use the information you’ve found in your research to connect yourself with the company. You eat gluten-free? Perfect! One of their clients is a gluten-free food manufacturer. Through researching the company, you can see what skills or qualities you have that would benefit them. If you’re applying where you know someone, ask if they like their employer. Let them know about your interest in the company, and they can help you. Who knows what they might be able to do!

2. Monitor your online presence.

If you meet someone out, what is the first thing you do the next morning? You check them out on Facebook. Employers do this to you too. Sign up for, a networking website, and make sure your information is accurate and up-to-date. Clean up your Facebook and Twitter accounts to the standards of your chosen industry. For example, advertising agencies will overlook more than a corporation.

Google yourself. If you don’t like the results you see, post your name on the web. Use your professional name for all social media channels. Create a website for your resume and portfolio, posting your name on every page. Comment on articles around the web. These are easy, free ways to get your name on the web in a positive way under your control.

3. Connect yourself to what you want to do. 

I wanted to work in public relations or advertising. This meant I needed to have writing and design samples, a good resume, familiarity with technology and a presence online. I made sure to sign up for any social media program I heard about. I started following leading companies and professionals on Twitter. This will help you learn about the different companies and see where you’ll be a good fit. Read blogs about your industry and stay informed. Save any work that you could show a potential employer and post it on your website. Think of everything an employer would want to know and make it easy for them to find online.

4.  Every experience gives you experience.

Each activity you’ve done has (hopefully) given you some type of experience that you can talk about in an interview. Greek life can teach you how to work in a group for a common goal. Intramural sports show you how to be a team player and a passion for doing what you enjoy. Look at what you’ve done and evaluate what you got out of it.

Even the most far-reaching extracurriculars can be valuable. I directed and acted in plays throughout college. What does that have to do with PR? I knew how to manage conflict, write, speak in public and think on my feet. Guess what? You do too.

5. Use your manners and be honest.

Don’t forget the power of a thank you note—to your interviewer and to anyone who helped you prepared. Listen when someone is talking. Be friendly to everyone the second you step into the building. Most of all be honest in your interview. Interviewers can see when you’re making something up. People always value an open, honest answer even if it’s not exactly perfect.

Good luck!


Smart. Pretty. Awkward.

One of my favorite blogs is Smart, Pretty & Awkward by Molly Ford. It’s such a simple concept–Molly writes a tip on how to be smarter, a little prettier and a lot less awkward–that comes together perfectly. A simple read with a reminder of some tips that we should all be doing. Best of all, Molly begins each post with a quote.  Here’s one that resonated with me:

“Keep away from those who try to belitte your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you believe that you too can become great.” –Mark Twain

Sh!t my Students Write

It would be tough to be a teacher in this age of misinformation. Thank God this teacher has an outlet and shares it with the world:


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While searching online, I found this great fashion blog: I like that the author uses easy to find pieces that don’t necessarily come with a hug price tag. With looks that can blend from day to night, this is one style blog that will stick around.

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Words to Live By

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Time for an Earful

Well.  I’ve started living life.  Unfortunately, living life meant living up senior year of college.  Which meant no time for blogging because any down time was devoted to frolicking through campus, recovering or watching SVU marathons. Then I graduated college and started living real life.  Which meant no time for blogging because I was working and by the time I came home, the only things I wanted to do were not talk to anyone, think or wear pants. While I accomplished everything I wanted to do (I’ve started wearing pants again), I’ve still felt a need to get back to work.  I enjoy creative projects and sharing what I discover more than should be allowed. Which means watch out world wide web.

Today’s feature:

I put together this earring holder on Sunday to make myself feel better about eating half a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos. My mom got me this frame two years ago when it was originally wood.  My parents spray painted it an avocado green. Due to its unusual size (i.e. round) and my lack of funds during college, I’ve never felt right about what I’ve put inside of it.  It just never fit. So I decided to pull a Tim Gunn and make it work.

Using vintage velvet ribbon from my grandmother, scissors and Krazy Glue paired with my desire to know what earrings were really stuffed into my jewelery box, I made this on a budget of relatively no money. This would be a great makeover for any unique picture frame found at an antique sale or thrift store. My only suggestion is to cut the ribbon at a slant when you are using a circle frame.  The ribbon will line up perfectly along the inset of the frame. Vary the difference in space between ribbon for longer/shorter earrings.

Also, make sure not to get Krazy Glue on your fingers because it’s quite painful to get them unattached.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Love.  There’s hundreds of movies, songs and books about it.  But there’s more important things than that relationship you are in or the one that just crumbled out from under you.

Today, don’t focus on love between a man and woman.  Society has already spent too much time on that. Focus on love for yourself.  Do something today that makes you happy and makes you feel alive.  Appreciate yourself for your flaws and your insecurities.  Finally accomplish what’s been on your “To Do” list for the past two weeks.  Dance and flail your arms wildly above your head and be happy to be alive and able to spread love.

In closing, listen to the lyrics of these two songs.  I guarantee you’ll come away loving something new: “Born This Way,” by Lady Gaga and “Fly Away,” by JJ Heller.

“Beauty all around me.

Drawing me to the sky

This is life.

I can feel it.

Bid those lonely days goodbye.”

-JJ Heller

Soft as a Baby’s…

There’s a reason why companies make products especially for sweet little babies–they keep those tiny, adorable little humans in perfect condition.  There’s also no reason that you shouldn’t be using these products.

To get softer skin, use baby oil or lotion.  I personally like baby oil because it hydrates my skin and gives it a subtly sexy sheen.  And because one time I used baby lotion and my boyfriend at the time told me I smelled like his little brother.  Not so sexy.  Use it after you get out of the shower, and your skin will radiate throughout the day.

Baby powder is another product that every girl should own.  Not only does it have a clean scent, it cools you down on a sweaty day.  My favorite trick is to sprinkle a bit of baby powder onto your hair to soak up excess oil when you don’t have enough time to wash/condition/blow dry/straighten/curl your hair.

A Must That You Can Trust

When I graduated high school, I received many gifts.  Many of those I loved, many I wanted to return.  Several of those I’m so glad I didn’t.

One woman gave me a Vera Bradley clip board and umbrella.  Um, what? I never thought I would use either of those.  I was wrong, VERY wrong.  Every college co-ed should have both of these things.  An umbrella is an obvious necessity unless you go to school in L.A.

But a clip board? Are you a 1992 P.E. teacher?

However, I love my clip board.  It’s so useful.  As an involved member of my sorority, it’s perfect to use during meetings without absentmindedly scribbling all over my hands.  For something that I thought should never be produced, it can’t leave my hands.  Plus, the sense of authority and power I feel while holding it doesn’t hurt.

Vera Bradley makes cute enough designs that you don’t have to feel bland and outdated.  If you already have a boring clipboard buried underneath your scrunchies and perm solution that’s waiting for a rebirth, check out Vanilla Joy’s Do-It-Yourself clipboard.

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Fine Dining Isn’t Done in a Cafeteria

Every man, woman and child should know how to properly set a table.  You’d be surprised by how many people don’t know something that you can use for the rest of your life.

Learn and love it.  The most basic of rules: forks on the left, knife and spoon on the right with the blade of the knife facing inward.  Naturally, you won’t have that many utensils or glasses on an average night, but glasses should always go directly above the knife and continue out to the right.  Don’t set out silverware or plates that you don’t intend on using.

A more formal place setting paired with decorations and candles can turn a simple dinner into an elegant evening.  Tiering makes a dramatic different.  To tier a table, take any raised surface/box (like a Tupperware container) and place it upside down at strategically placed spots on the table.  Cover the tiers with a table cloth that matches the one on the table already.  Make sure the ends are all tucked underneath the fabric on the tiered cloth.   Wrinkle the fabric at spots the would be most beneficial to your arrangement.  Tiering is especially useful for a small table that needs to hold a lot of food or for candlelight dinners.

When preparing a table for a dinner party or date, the most important rule is to make sure the table remains functional.  Even the most beautiful place setting can be rendered worthless if it is too crowded that it becomes uncomfortable!